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1st March 2017

We love weddings

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We absolutely love catering weddings! I suppose it comes down the fact that we both met and fell in love nearly 6 years ago, at the York Marriott Hotel where I was the working as the Wedding Planner and Matt was the Junior Sous Chef. We were working on approximately 50-60 weddings a year together so you could say that other people’s happy days cemented our own happiness.

We knew when we started to plan our own rustic wedding, we wanted something bespoke for the feast. We wanted catering that really focused on our love of local ingredients and homemade dishes.

At the time, we couldn’t find a caterer that was willing to deviate from their own menus or pricing. We found that the cost per head was way out of our budget at £50 plus per person for just the day food. So, against the good advice of our family and friends we decided to bravely do our own catering.

At this point we had started Baba Ganoush doing private dining and smaller events but our wedding was for 155 guests, our largest booking at the time and our own wedding! I know what you are thinking… CRAZY PEOPLE! But I can say with absolute truth – we loved it and so did all our family and friends!

The creative process was amazing and Matt became really excited about being able to choose exactly what he wanted to feed people and the style in which we did this. Being able to use our own trusted suppliers for our ingredients made a huge difference to us and the food started to take on a life of its own. Everyone got involved- our suppliers, our family and friends and even our past employers pulled out all the stops to help us!

We loved every second of our wedding and to this day everyone still talks about the food. My dress, our decorations, our vows and first dance were completely upstaged by our wedding feast and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We had rustic breads, pates, cheeses, whole roasted hams, cured meats, whole salmons, delicious and unusual salads paired with more traditional family favourites – you name it we had it. It was a real grazing affair and our guests were happy and well fed.

We even had ‘The Great Wedding Bake Off’ where the bakers in our family competed for glory and the coveted wooden spoon for the taste, texture and presentation prize. A few family rivalries may have begun that day… ‘whose jam filling was best’ but we do not discuss that anymore!

Our relationship blossomed all those years ago, over our mutual love of food and weddings and I think that is why we enjoy what we do so much. We love creating something bespoke and delicious for other couples on the same journey we were once on. Quite simply it makes us happy to make other people happy!

Our very first event all those years ago 2014