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Where it all began...

Husband and wife team Matthew & Ashley Hyde are a duo of culinary talents! 

Having met whilst working in the food hospitality industry, Matthew and Ashley gained over 20 years worth experience working in hospitality across the UK, Michelin starred restaurants and Hotels before settling back in Matthews home county of Yorkshire!

Both are fiercely passionate about good food & great service, so back in 2013 they set out on a mission to build a catering company that brings people together over food. 

Baba Ganoush was born at the heart of the kitchen - the kitchen table in a tiny little house in the heart of York.  

Driven by what people really want, rather than the standard three course menu the Baba team excite people with new ways of delivering food to the table, making each event more of a theatrical feast experience, delighting guests from start to finish.

We can't wait to meet you and create something really special

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It all started with Family!

So, where did the name come from you ask?

Baba Ganoush is a Levantine dish made from the inside of aubergines mixed with tahini, olive oil and various seasonings. It can also be described as a poor man’s caviar, which is one of the reasons why we love the name so much - it completely fits in with our ethos of taking simple fresh ingredients and turning them into something spectacular.

However the main reason we decided to call our business a weird and wonderful name is this...

When Matthew was a boy he was not particularly fond of school and in an attempt to help him with his studies, Matthew’s Granddad, Cliff, gave him a variety of words to memorise to build his confidence with spelling due to his struggles with dyslexia. Baba Ganoush is the one that stuck and assisted with defeating a bully in the classroom.

Therefore the name of the business is a heartfelt nod to Grandad Cliff.

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"Ashley, Matthew and the Baba Ganoush team were all superb & nothing has been too much trouble - they've gone out of their way to help and way beyond any expectations we had for a wedding caterer."