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6th February 2017

Two Little Piggies

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Our dream is to one day have a small holding on the outskirts of York. For now though we live in a two bedroom terrace and we are not so sure our landlord would be too happy with us having chickens, goats and pigs in the backyard!

However just before Christmas on one of our weekly trips to our lovely supplier Goodness Veg we got the best Christmas present ever! Pigs!

We have been allowed to keep some pigs on the Goodness land and they are going to feed it all the fantastic organic leftovers. You can imagine our excitement over this. While Matthew is dreaming of pork crackling and bacon, I am growing a little attached to our happy little pigs and not sure how I am going to cope when the time comes to say goodbye.

However I was reminded of something I heard once that Michael Pollan said (quote below). In a culture where everything is convenient and accessible to grab off the shelf it is now so important to know where our food comes from. Lets face it we are truly spoilt in Yorkshire with what is on offer!

We have a little baby on the way and really want him to grow up to know where food comes from and not just that it comes from a packet or supermarket shelf. I have to stress though that it is hugely important for live stock to have a happy life and to be reared in the right conditions!

As caterers we pride ourselves on using only the very best local produce. We get enjoyment out of being able to tell our clients about what meat, vegetables and suppliers we use - it brings the food to life! And food is such an important part or connecting with people.

So there you have it - we are the proud owners of some very cute and hopefully tasty pigs! We will be visiting our pigs weekly and will keep you updated with their progress and any tips on looking after them.

Keep posted!

Mathew, Ashley & Bump