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22nd November 2021

Top Winter Wedding Food Ideas

We’re officially into Christmas mode, and if you’re having a winter wedding we recommend stuffing your catering menu with festive treats! 

Choosing what to serve at a winter wedding can be a difficult decision to make, but at Baba Ganoush we’ve had plenty of experience cooking for winter themed weddings - and have developed a few favourites. Here we go through our top winter wedding food ideas to make your day feel even more magical. 

Christmas Wedding

To make things easier for you, we’ve listed our top winter wedding food ideas below - just in case you really have left the planning last minute!

  1. Mulled drinks.
  2. Winter Canapes
  3. Fall Game (venison & hog)
  4. Hot Puddings

How To Decide Your Winter Wedding Food?

Whether your wedding is in summer or winter, the most important thing to remember is that it’s your day, so we recommend picking your favourite foods to ensure you enjoy your wedding meal.

If you do need some guidelines though, picking seasonal vegetables and meat is the best choice to guarantee a great tasting (and more cost effective) menu. Baba Ganoush love the slow food movement, meaning our ingredients are local, seasonal and organic. No matter what season your wedding is in, try to think of the ingredients rather than the whole meal, and let that lead you down your dream winter wedding menu. 

Winter Welcome Drinks

Welcome drinks are a must-have, and because you’ve gone cold with the date it means you can do away with traditional bubbly for something more personal - and warm! 

While most people dread the colder season, we think you should take advantage of the chill with the inclusion of mulled wines, stout hot chocolates and spicy cocktails that wouldn’t be appropriate at a traditional summer wedding. 

Cream based liqueurs likes Baileys are a cold choice that stick with the winter theme, just don’t forget to include a log burner to really complete that cosy atmosphere.

mulled wine

Winter Canapes

Again, go local and seasonal. Warm shots of winter soups, mini Yorkshire puddings and anything with brie and cranberry are sure to go down a treat. 

Our favourites include winter black truffle and smoked potatio Veloute, servile organge pate and our famous Baba Smoked Salmon.

Christmas Wedding Canapes

A Winter Wedding Feast

Seasonal winter vegetables are a fantastic way to keep the price low at your wedding whilst including some wonderful food. Warm your guests with hearty soups to start and traditional roasts as the mains. 

Popular menu choices for winter weddings tend to include winter/fall game such as hog, venison or pheasant. Imagine hearty meals, full of pastries, thyme and cranberry to cement that winter cosiness. Again, bonus points if there’s a log fire somewhere.

Seasonal Desserts

If there's anything winter does better than the summer, it's hot desserts. Go full indulgent with sticky toffee puddings, steaming vanilla bean custard and thick clotted cream. Include wintery add-ons like figs, walnuts and spiced fruits. Or be decadent with the ultimate creme brulee. 

Christmas Wedding Puddings

Of course, remember to serve hot drinks as well, and don’t be afraid to include December favourites like Irish cream and whisky. 

So what are your winter wedding favourites? If these ideas just aren't enough, then we'd recommend checking out our entire winter menu collection here. 

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