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The Baba Blog

25th May 2018

Time to Taste the Menu

Planning your wedding can be stressful. You’re trying to create an incredible day that can truly celebrate your love and the exciting life that you have planned together. But, you might also be conscious of making your family happy, wowing your guests, and creating incredible memories for the people you love.

Now that, is a lot of pressure!

Here at Baba Ganoush, we don’t claim to be wedding planners, but we certainly do our bit to lighten the load. This doesn’t mean making the process as boring as possible though! This means, taking the time to listen to what you like, listen to what you feel you’re trying to create and even hear about how you want the room to look. It’s certainly not a case of just picking from Menu 1, 2 or 3!

One of our favourite stories here at Baba, is about the couple who contacted us asking for a traditional wedding meal of soup, chicken and cheesecake, and eventually ordered the Mexican Banquet! There was absolutely no reason why we couldn’t serve them their favourite cuisine, whilst still keeping things looking elegant and in keeping with the style of the day.

So once we’ve established your ideas, let us design the perfect menu for you. A delicious menu that will be created to complement the overall day whilst still being perfectly exciting and visually dynamic. And then comes the fun bit…


Time to Taste the Menu.

Once we know what we’re serving you and your lovely guests, you’ll be invited to Baba HQ to try the food. You’ll meet the Chef and our Events Organiser, and get to really sit back and experience what you’re going to be served on the day. We try to hold these at a similar time to when your wedding will be, so if it’s a summer wedding, we’ll aim for a summer tasting. The reason being that our ingredients tend to be seasonal, and we want you to experience a really true reflection of your wedding menu!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask lots of questions, tweak the menu if you need to, and even have some input into how the food could be presented on the day.

It’s such an exciting meeting, and other than the moment we see you and your guests enjoying your food on the day, the tasting is our favourite bit of the Baba journey! So much so, that we don’t charge for the tasting, as we really don’t want any of our clients to go without this experience.

By the end of your tasting, you’ll feel excited by the offering, but also relaxed and confident that you don’t have to worry about the food at all. We’ve got you! So you can go back to finding the right colour of chair cover…

To discuss your wedding menu and see if Baba Ganoush are the right choice for you, give us a call on 01904 848490 or send us an email!