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The Baba Blog

21st December 2021

Our Top Wedding Menu Trends For 2022

As 2022 approaches, we’ve taken a step back to reflect on the types of menus we’ve crafted this year. At Baba Ganoush we have had a fantastic year of weddings, with a huge range of different dishes have been prepared - from winter feasts to summery canapes. Here we’d like to predict which wedding trends we think will keep going strong into the New Year, with our most popular wedding menu trends for 2022.

Plant Based/Vegan Options

As more and more people opt for a meat alternative lifestyle, vegan options at weddings have become more popular - even for people who wouldn’t class themselves as strictly vegan. 

We don’t see the new plant based food craze going anywhere, and vegan alternatives will be a popular alternative than meat next year. 


Seasonal Cuisine

In a similar vein, opting for a seasonal wedding menu is proving ever more popular. Not having to worry about supply chains means more and more couples are choosing seasonal vegetables and meats to select their menu. This trend is also a particular favourite with us, as we’ve always been fans of farm-to-table menus. In fact you can check out our various suppliers here. 


Cake Alternatives

Speaking of alternatives, the wedding cake is another option that's becoming more touch and go. Though iconic, wedding cakes often bear a high price tag, and many people cannot even eat them. Cake alternatives such as cheese and macrons are becoming more common - and we predict will be a popular choice for 2022 wedding menus. 


Food Bars

Now these are already popular, and have been for some time. But that's why they’ve made our list! Fun food bars, often involving street food or easy to handle treats (think pizza, Indian, tacos and burgers) aren’t going anywhere, and will be all over weddings for years to come. 


Grazing Tables

Buffets are another wedding staple that we’ve all had before, but grazing tables are becoming the new addition for wedding menus. Not only can guests pick and choose what they want (hence: grazing) but these grazing tables are often a work of art, with each piece of food perfectly placed - until your guests begin to swarm.


Outdoor Catering

We’ve all been forced to stay inside more than we’d like the past year, with that in mind more people may be inclined to move their food outdoors (for the summer weddings at least). Pizza stations, wood-fired ovens and even wedding BBQs will be becoming a more serious option for 2022 brides and grooms. 

For more wedding food ideas why not give us a call for a consultation? Or you can check out the rest of our wedding food blogs here.