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2nd May 2018

Getting to know...LND Events

As a Yorkshire Wedding caterer, we get to see some truly beautiful weddings. Gorgeous events that are all unique to each and every couple. We get to see some amazing wedding cakes, stylish decorations, and elegant centre pieces, but one thing that a lot of these events have in common, is LND Events.


Founded by Ellen Davies, LND Events is a wonderful local company that is providing event planning full of thoughtful touches and her passion for people truly comes across in her customer service. We absolutely love working with her!

We first met this lovely lady at the very beginning of her freelancer journey, after she had trained up at Barmbyfield Barns. We loved her passion for the wedding industry, and her interest in the catering side of things meant that we got to know Ellen really well, and really quickly!

Here at Baba we have a lot of experience in events too, and so we know the pressures that an event planner goes through. We know the importance of the finer details and we know how valuable a good schedule is! So, working together with LND has proven to be a fantastic match! And apparently the feeling is mutual. Ellen said,

I get very detailed information from the Baba team when we’re going to do events together about their arrival times, service times and their menu choices. They’re also very professional on the job - the staff are well trained and they’re very helpful at working together to make sure the day runs smoothly.”


Since that first event, we’ve worked together in some gorgeous venues, on some amazing weddings, and when our clients mention that they’re working with LND Events, we can’t help but smile.

Ellen (8)

If you’re about to start planning your wedding and are looking for the right sort of guidance along the way, definitely give LND Events a call. Have the initial chat with Ellen and look forward to a seamless event from beginning to end that will wow your guests and leave you with some incredible memories.