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26th January 2022

Every Single Question To Ask Your Wedding Caterer In 2022

Look, we get it, planning a wedding isn’t always fun. A lot of the time it is stressful and plain confusing. There's a lot of planning and with that comes a lot of questions. The one thing Baba Ganoush can do is make the wedding catering side-of-things easier for you, so here is our guide to our top questions you need to ask your wedding caterers. No matter who they are, these universal wedding catering questions will ensure you get your dream wedding menu.


1) Are you available on my wedding day?

We’re getting the obvious one out of the way. Of course one of the first things you need to establish is whether the wedding caterers are available on your date.

2) Will you be catering for any other weddings on the day?

In a perfect world you’d have your wedding caterer’s undivided attention - but this may not always be possible. Set your expectations right from the start and see if you’ll be sharing your caterers or not.

3) Do you specialise in a certain type of food?

From rustic hog roasts to French cuisine, some caterers specialise in a certain type of food as their forte. Find out if yours do and it could elevate your menu.

4) Do you provide the silverware / linen / chairs?

Some caterers will include the silverware, linen and chairs in their prices, some won’t do them at all. You don’t want your wedding caterers to show up on the big day with nothing to serve the food on, establish early if they can handle this for you or if you’ll need to rent them yourself from another company.

5) Who will be present on the day of the wedding?

Ideally you’ll have a wedding planner in charge of all the food who will be there on the day. Ensure you’re talking to that person from the get go to avoid any miscommunications later on.

6) How much space will you need at the venue?

This one is especially important if you’re having an outdoor wedding that involves marques. Making sure your wedding caterers will be able to create and serve the food is a must. 

7) How many waiters will you provide and what will they be wearing?

This one might seem unimportant, but if you’re throwing a beach themed wedding you probably don’t want black tie waiters milling around ruining the magic. Likewise your wedding caterers will (or should!) have a good idea of how many waiters they’ll need to bring depending on guest size, but knowing how many to expect will only leave you more prepared.

8) Can I customise my menu?

Food means a lot to people, and we know just how easy it is to tell a story through a great menu. If there's a certain starter or pudding you like be sure to ask if you’re allowed to create a bespoke wedding menu or if everything is a set menu - this could be a potential deal breaker for a lot of couples!

9) Can we provide our own drinks but use your waiters to serve them?

A specific question not everyone would think to ask, but it could save you from disaster on the wedding day.

10) Will you charge a cake-cutting fee?

Don’t forget to ask about the cake-cutting fee! Some catering companies might provide the cake and take care of the cutting, others might not have anything to do with it. Cutting those hefty cakes is more complicated than it seems, and you need to make sure it’s someone's responsibility on the big day.

11) What are your most popular dishes?

The perfect question to ask before you book your tasting session. Every caterer will have a favourite dish their past clients always love. So ask them! Especially if you’re not quite sure what you want to serve.

12) Where do you source your food from?

We like to source all our food locally in order to keep costs low and ensure high quality ingredients, but this might not be typical of every company. It’s important to ask your wedding caterer where they source their ingredients from so you know if it will be fresh or not.

Are there some wedding catering questions here you hadn’t thought of? Let us know and give us a ring if you’d like us to answer any!

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