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About Baba Ganoush

Baba Ganoush Catering was founded by Matthew & Ashley Hyde in 2013. Baba was born at their very own kitchen table and although Matthew and Ashley now have a little one of their own - Baba still remains one of their babies.

Having both worked, met and married in the hospitality industry they set out on a mission to build a unique and friendly catering company in Yorkshire that really listened to the customer and what they wanted instead of the usual ‘soup chicken tart’ menus that they had seen so often before.

Matthew in particular wanted to excite people with new ways of delivering food to the table making each special event more of a feast style experience for guests. Food brings people together just as it did for them 8 years ago and that is exactly what Baba Ganoush set out to do from it’s very first day.

Since 2013 the Baba Ganoush catering team has grown and we pride ourselves on our commitment, teamwork and dedication not only to customers, but also to each other. We are extremely lucky to work in a creative environment where our team are allowed to express their ideas and add to the overall Baba vision!




"Ashley, Matthew and the Baba Ganoush Catering team were all superb & nothing has been too much trouble - they've gone out of their way to help and way beyond any expectations we had for a wedding caterer."


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So the name…

Everyone always asks what Baba Ganoush means and why we decided to call our business such a random name!? So here goes…

Baba Ganoush is actually a Levantine dish that is made from the inside of the aubergine mixed with tahini, olive oil and various seasonings. It can also be described as a poor man’s caviar which is one of the reasons why we love the name so much - it completely fits in with our ethos of taking simple fresh ingredients and turning them into something spectacular and luxurious.

Baba also means Father in arabic and when Matthew was small he very much disliked school and was not the best pupil. In an attempt to help him his Grandad Cliff would give him a variety of words to memorise to build his confidence with spelling  - Baba Ganoush is the one that stuck and is a heartfelt nod to Cliff - Baba / Grandfather.